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Jeanine Whitcanack (Bond)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Homemaker Married 2
I left sm after my Junior year to attend school in Idaho. I transferred to Pasadena College where I met my husband Jim Bond. I did not finish my college degree at that time as we left to study at the Seminary. We have been married 47 years and are now retired. I graduated from college when I was 50 plus years. My husband was President of the University at the time and presented me with my diploma. We have been involved in various ministries, senior minister at 5 churches, missionaries in Brazil, President at Point Loma Nazarene University 14 years, and the last 8 years before retirement he served as a General Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene. In this capacity we travelled to many world areas. It has been a very interesting journey. I am really looking forward to the reunion of our class. Send Jeanine a MessageSend Jeanine a Message
Steve Bostwick
Retired Married 2
A little history since 57--started out at the University of Illinois in Physics--one year.  I went four years to the U. S. Naval Academy with a degree in engineering--five years in submarines.  Sandy and I have moved 12 times to nine cities finally landing in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I retired in March of this year from the software world.  We have two children and two grandchildren, and life is great.  We will not attend the reunion as it conflicts with my reunion from the Naval Academy.  Hope that this is not the last one so I have at least one more chance to renew old friendships. Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Gary Burke
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Retired Book Publisher Married 2
I am married to Beverly whom I met at the University of Florida. We have two children, Michael and Kelly, three grandchildren, Molly, Fisher, and Emily. We have lived all over the U.S., mostly in California where we are now retired (just), I from book publishing (McGraw-Hill’s Economics Publisher) and Beverly from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco where she continues to do spiritual direction. We are a long way from Kansas, but Kansas is close in my memory of summer nights, thunderstorms, Winstead’s, and the simple good luck of growing up in Johnson County. Send Gary a MessageSend Gary a Message
Peggy Lorey (Bysel)
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Divorced 2
After graduating from high school I attended Lindenwood College in St. Charles, Missouri, for two years and after that went to Tulsa University where I graduated with a B. S. degree in Business Administration and was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority.  A couple of years after marrying I stayed home to start a family-- two children--a daughter, Lorie, and a son, David.  Upon divorcing I went back to work and am now working for an environmental company as part of their administrative team.  I am thinking of retiring in the very near future.   I enjoy traveling, boating and getting together with my kids and three grandsons.  I'm looking forward to the reunion and trying to see how many people I recognize without having to look at the name tag. Send Peggy a MessageSend Peggy a Message
Bill Calvin
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Profile picture
professor, author Married

My photography/journalism sideline seems to be returning after 50 years. I even won a major photo prize last year at the Iowa State Fair. Anyone who remembers my “Calvin's Candid Camera” column in the Johnson County Herald will sympathize with the subjects of my book, ALMOST US: Portraits of the Apes (see photos at

My next book for general readers is GLOBAL FEVER: How to Treat Climate Change (U of Chicago Press, 2008; excerpts at While I'm not a climate scientist, I can now play one on TV.

A sobering subject (as one of the founders of Earth Day told me, "It's perhaps a good time to be old") but, I tell my audiences, we still have time to head off the worst scenarios. Unfortunately, fifty years of warnings have been ineffective at moving most politicians. We’ll cook with them if we don’t convert them or replace them.

So after high school, I was a physics major at Northwestern University. I got interested in what we now call neurobiology in the course of doing an honors thesis, and diverted to MIT and Harvard Med for a year to see what it was all about, liked it, and so went to Seattle and the University of Washington (Ph.D., Physiology & Biophysics, 1966).  I joined the faculty and, except for a year as Visiting Prof of Neurobiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I've been here ever since (various departments: Physiology & Biophysics, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, and Biology). I’ve had a long association with academic neurosurgeons and psychiatrists without ever having had to treat a patient. We live on that hill below. (No, no--the one in the foreground.)

I’m now a prof emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle—a home-office type except for traveling a lot. I'm one of the science advisors to the Great Ape Trust up in Des Moines, was one for that NOVA series on evolution in 2001. Married the second time 42 years ago (she's Prof of Biology here), no grandkids because no kids, thriving with the aid of a handful of pills every morning. The closest I've come to “civic duty” consisted of being state president of the ACLU in the year when we tried to impeach Mr. Nixon.

The first career was, and still is, academic. Most of my research has been about brain cells and circuits. I've wiretapped nerve cells in a wide range of animals, including neurosurgery patients in the O.R. Come October, I will give the after-dinner speech for a meeting of researchers on the micro circuitry of cerebral cortex. I’ll talk about how we speak a sentence we've never spoken before (without it coming out as nonsense). I hang out with the anthropologists and linguists who try to figure out what made a chimp-like brain into a human one over 7 million years.  If you want to listen to my illustrated Powerpoint lecture on human origins for a meeting in Sweden, download it here.

My second overlapping career, author, started about 1980 as Wilma White’s and Doc Watson’s training reasserted itself. I began regularly writing books about brains, evolution, and climate change for general readers. Fourteen books so far. Four book prizes but no best-sellers. They have been translated into a dozen languages. I've volunteered dozens of letters to the editor--and not a single one ever has been published! In 1998, I wrote a cover story for the Atlantic Monthly, "The great climate flip-flop."

My third career started several years ago when I had a sinking feeling as it became clear that there was a climate emergency developing. It felt like what many have described for the eve of a great war, where future plans have to be put on hold, superseded by civic duty. It becomes payback time.  I realized, as Tim Flannery put it, that “in the years to come, this issue will dwarf all the others combined. It will become the only issue.” Besides writing the book, I go around and speak at high schools and community gatherings, answer questions after showings of Al Gore’s film. Have Powerpoint, will travel. 

I increasingly portray climate restoration as "The Deadly Serious Use-It-or-Lose-It Intelligence Test." That’s what I’ll talk about in Houston in late November for the President's Lecture series at Rice University. In Beijing a few days later, for the Crawford Lecture sponsored by the Government of Australia, I’ll give it to CGIAR, the organization whose research helped create agriculture’s “Green Revolution.” About half of the possibilities for reversing the climate mess lie in the agricultural sector. Wish me luck.


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Alice Campbell
Retired Teachcer and EMT I/D Single
John Carroll
Profile picture
Card Player Married 3
Having graduated from our vaunted alma mater in the top 97.5% of THE CLASS OF ’57, off I went to flunk out of college after only a year and a half. Since that abbreviated attempt at conforming to the dictates of suburbia (Johnson County), I have enjoyed my own search for a place enjoyment.
Starting with theatre after twelve years of working and acting in The Resident Theatre, Barn Players, and University Playhouse productions brought me to the realization that l would never be the second “Sir Laurence Oliver” or “Lawrence Fishburne” or even “Larry” of Moe and Curly.
Changing gears I became a cowboy. Too chicken to ride the bucking stock, I opted for roping steers and calves and on occasions hazing for crazy steer wrestlers. After 14 years it was apparent I was never going to be Jim Shoulders or even a passable rodeo clown.
Again I looked for a new direction. District Court Judge Ben Farney persuaded me that coaching should be my next stop and I entered into the world of soccer. For the next fourteen years coaching soccer consumed huge amounts of time and untold hours of thought. Coaching at both our alma mater and Shawnee-Mission West were interesting experiences. Teaching physical and intellectual fundamentals and intricacies of the game was a wonderful experience. If it weren’t for inept coaches and parents I would be there still.
Now I am embarked on a new career, taking “expensive” lessons in person and on the internet to become a professional poker player. Never having had any physical dexterity and suiting my advancing years the game does not require physical skills, The best description of poker, by the godfather of the game is “long periods of tedium interspersed with moments of sheer terror.”  I am looking forward to competing with people like Doyle Brunson, Mike Matusow, T. J. Cloutier, and Johnny Chan.
For fun there have been antique cars, sports cars, sewing, and quilting.
To this point only a few things have been constants with me. The greatest joys are a great woman (read my wife) and children. Money is not important unless you need it.
With the support of a wonderful wife, a son, and two lately added daughters may my life continue for a long long time.
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Sandy Grubb (Chapman)
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Profile picture
editor/proofreader. retired English teacher Married
    When I started kindergarten in 1944 I had no idea that I’d be going to school every year for the next fifty years! After high school came Colorado College and KU (for a BS in education), and K State (2 years as a grad. assistant for a Masters in English). I then headed for Denver and 31 years of teaching--the first 25 in jr. high, and the rest in high school. I was a skiing fanatic for a while. Even had weekend jobs as a barmaid & folk singer of bawdy ski songs in order to afford my passion. I’d leave right after school on Friday and head over Loveland Pass in my ’63 MGB, regardless of the weather. What a fearless fool! All that ended in 1970 after 4 knee surgeries, and I turned to less active hobbies like photography and weaving and lots of travel--most notably Pakistan in ‘75, and India in ‘78, both of which were summertime Fulbright-Hayes scholarships for teachers. And just guess who I ran into on the flight back from Pakistan--sitting a few rows in front of me was Russ Annis, who was returning from a Fulbright in India.
     I met my husband, Bruce, while fishing at a lake not far from my home, and we married in 1981. We have no children--just pets--including, if you can believe this, the same turtle that I used to bring to show and tell at Hickory Grove. It’s hard to know just how old he is. In the 50s the K.C. Zoo said he was anywhere from 90 to 130. And even though my grandfather found him on the desert outside of L.A. in the 20s, he’s actually a Texas desert tortoise...which could explain why he always heads south when he runs away from home.
    I retired in 1994, had both my knees replaced, and started a new career as an editor, one book being a delightful collection of children’s stories by our very own Don Mason. I also started traveling again--mainly to England and Scotland where I fell in love with Rosslyn Chapel and its mysteries. I made my 6th trip there this Easter (the chapel is also a Scottish/Anglican church), and was quite sad to see how fame from The Da Vinci Code has affected it.
    Now about my weird photo. It was taken on my first trip to England just after a sunrise ceremony in the middle of Stonehenge. According to an expert on such things, the white light is a picture of energy (a ley line), and not a camera defect as it might appear.
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Judy Bilger (Childs)
Housewife Married 3
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Susie Pottle (Conner)
Profile picture
Retired Married 3
Just returned from my husband (of 47 years) Tom's 50th high school reunion in Lawrence, so now I'm prepared for this big event. We are loving life living in Ridgway, CO, which is outside of Telluride where we lived and sold real estate for many years. I'm keeping busy in these beautiful mountains with hiking and skiing. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone next year. Send Susie a MessageSend Susie a Message
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