Dwight L. Spencer, Emporia

1924 - 2011

Dwight Spencer of Emporia died on Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 in Emporia. He was 87.
A graveside service will take place at 11 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2 at Maplewood Memorial Lawn Cemetery, with military honors provided by the American Legion Ball-McColm Post #5.
The family requests that instead of flowers, memorial contributions can be sent to the Mary F. and Kenneth A. Hutton Field Biology Scholarship at Emporia State University.
Online condolences can be sent to www.charterfunerals.com.
Jess Clayton Rose age 89 born 2-20-1922 our music vocal passed away October 5, 2009.  Jess Rose did live in Texas.  He appreciated being invited to our 50th reunion but due to health reasons could not travel to Kansas. Thank you Mr. Rose for being our vocal teacher.   We have entered a vocal tribute played on our class web site..  


  |  Carl W. Ison, 100, of Lenexa, Kan., passed away June 30, 2010. He was born the first of 10 on Oct. 5, 1909, in Pleasanton, Kan., where he grew up on a farm outside town. He married Vivian Castle and they attended Kansas State College in Pittsburg where he majored in mathematics. He taught mathematics and worked as a coach in Pittsburg before moving to Overland Park to join the staff of Shawnee Mission North. He later received a master's degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. During World War II, he joined the Navy and spent most of the next three years learning and teaching others about antisubmarine warfare in Boston. At the end of the war, he returned to Overland Park where he later became an assistant principal then the first principal of the new Shawnee Mission East in 1958. After 18 years in administration, he retired in 1974 and moved to Sun City, Ariz. There he became an avid golfer and talented ballroom dancer. After Vivian's death, Marjorie Barnett and he married. When Marjorie had a stroke, they moved to Lakeview Village in Lenexa, Kan., to be near her children. Carl died on June 30, 2010, eight months after celebrating his 100th birthday with a dancing party. The survivors include his daughter, Karlan Ison Sick, two grandchildren, Jeffrey Sick (Geoffrey Castle) and Gyneth Walker, and three great grandchildren, Gareth Sick and Gordon and Saskia Walker and four sisters, Dorothy Haffely, Betty Reynolds, Mary Baker, and Barbara Morris. A memorial service will be held 10:30 a.m. Saturday, July 3, at Heritage Center in Lakeview Village. Memorial donations in Carl's memory may be made to the Carl W. Ison Award at Shawnee Mission East. Online Condolences may be expressed at www.amosfamily.com Arr.: The Amos Family Chapel of Shawnee, (913) 631-5566. The Amos Family, 10901 Johnson Dr, 913-631-5566
Published in Kansas City Star on July 2, 2010


Thank you for inviting me to your reunion. I am sorry to say that I can't attend. My health makes me limit my activities and it would be very difficult for me. I graduated from high school eighty years ago so you can understand that age becomes a factor. I have many pleasant memories of my years at Shawnee Mission and I wish you the best and many more reunions. Carl Ison
We are so glad to report that John Tomlinson our teacher at Shawnee Mission North has been located.
Jim Wheat June 1995 Parson's Ks. Art & Craft Fair which he helped organize in 1962
Jim Wheat June 1995 Parson's Ks. Art & Craft Fair which he helped organize in 1962
Jim Wheat (Shawnee Mission High School Art Teacher) 
Lived in Parsons, Kansas wife name was Eve
Died Nov. 2006

Jack Makepeace, Beth Randall, Carol Sundell, Pat Wade, Lauren States, and I will remember Jim especially for what I now recognize as raw courage:  he and his wife Eve took us on a trip to Mexico--six teenagers in two cars!  Jim and Eve drove one car, and Pat Wade's mother drove another.  We traveled down I-35 which was under construction in the late '50's.  In Waco where we stopped after the first day of travel, I remember sitting on the steps at the motel looking at a yellow sky.  I had never seen the sky that color before--I figured it must be a Texas thing.  That's just one of many memories I have of that trip, which I now see as a gift from Jim, Eve and Mrs. Wade who shepherded us through Mexico City, Tasco, Tampico, and back to KC. 
One time in art class I was having trouble getting started on a project, and I asked him, "How do artists get ideas?"  He answered, "Work breeds work."  I've always remembered that and passed it along to my own students.  He was a fine teacher, and we were lucky to be in his classes at Shawnee Mission.  Jim lost his wife in 1990, and he died in November of 2006. 

Harold George
Harold George
Harold George   Band and Orchestra Teacher

Connie George Elting has recently shared some information on her Dad.  

"After Dad retired from teaching he was very involved in the library.  He was also Treasurer of the Johnson County Teachers Credit Union - he and Mother and I think 3 other faculty members started it in the late 40's.  He also was involved in Sr. Citizen tax preparation every Spring.  He kept very busy until he ended up in the hospital in March of 1984.  He died of congestive heart failure."

Connie shares about her younger sister "Jeanne Crawford and her husband Hal live in Dayton, Ohio, where he retired from the Air Force .  He is working as a civilian at Wright Patterson Air Force base.  Jeanne has been a Mary Kay Consultant for years and keeps busy with her 3 grandsons and 2 granddaughters."

Warren Connie's older brother  "is the Interim Dean of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati.  He will be 72 in a couple of weeks - plans to retire after this year, we'll see.  He has 3 sons and 4 grandsons.  His wife, Jan, is a retired music teacher and plays in the Dayton Symphony. "  
Harold George and Wife
Harold George and Wife
Connie George Elting shares that
     "Dad & Mom were always very supportive of our musical wants and needs.  Dad was very quiet about his teaching and playing - he never bragged about his accomplishments - it was all about the students.  After he retired he became involved with church activities (Country Club Christian), Sertoma, Jo. Co. Library (Mom and Dad commissioned a painting for the Kansas Room), volunteer tax preparation and the Jo Co Teachers Credit Union.  Mom and Dad were part of the group that started the Credit Union.  I think Dale Pigg and Pop Snodgrass and their wifes and one other couple went in together on it.
     Mom taught P.E. at Roesland Grade school, at SouthWest High School for a couple of years, then finished up at Kansas State School for the Blind (9 or 10 years).  She taught P.E., Travel Training and Home Ec.
     Thanks Connie for sharing above with all of us!  I personally know that he made a difference in both my husband's (John) and my (Peggy Willis Sherard) life.    
Lonnie Eye Proctor gym teacher Hickory Grove Group of students several years ago went to cheer her on at Senior Olympics
Lonnie Eye Proctor gym teacher Hickory Grove Group of students several years ago went to cheer her on at Senior Olympics. She won silver in the shot put She is wearing a Hickory Grove beanie and the banner was made by Waverly Anderson. She and her husband came to our recent Hickory reunion We thank you for coming!!
Mr. Spencer's Letter (sorry would not copy/paste so I will type the letter 

Ms Sherard,    9 Sept. 07
     A question before I attempt to answer yours - I noticed your middle or maiden name is Willis.  Are you perhaps related to Harold Willis?  Harold was one of my most outstanding students at S-M-N.  The last I heard of Harold was that he was on the faculty of a college in Wisconsin.
     Now to what I have been doing the past 50 years:
     I left S-M after 7 years to join the biology faculty at Emporia State University in the fall of 1960.  I spent summers at Drake Univ.  Marine Station and the Univ. of Minnesota Freshwater Biology Station while teaching zoology classes at E.S.U. during the academic year.  In 1963 I took a leave of absence to work on and complete a Ph.D in zology at Oklahoma State Univ.
     After returning to E.S.U. I continued to teach zoology courses and work with graduate students pursuing the M.S. degree.  Most of our research was in the field of mammalogy.
     I retired from E.S.U. at the end of the 1988-89 school year.  Since then I live on a few acres west of Emporia, raise a few beef cattle, do a lot of reading and contribute little to the overall welfare of humanity.
     My wife Martha died in 2006 so I live alone but have sons and grandchildren nearby to keep me company at times.
     I often reflect on my years at S-M and wonder about those on the faculty at the time.
     Names that I readily recall are: 1.  Bob Wootton  2.  Art Clements  3.  Jim McColl?  4.  Glen Saunders  5.  Bob Johnson  6  ?Meredity  7  Virgil Boatwright  8   Shirley Collins  9  Becky Comstock  10  Jane (biol teach)  11  Merlin Welch  12  Howard McEachen  13  Gertrude Welch  14  ?Barnes  15  H? (football)
     I'm sorry that I can't attend the Sept 21st reunion.   Some health problems plus a prohibition to night driving are reasons.
     Please give my regards to any of the old timers that attend.
Thank you for informing me ofthe event.
Dwight Spencer
Maurice Swanson 
     One of our classmates wrote the below but unfortunately we have lost who wrote this.  If you are the one please let us know so we can add your name.  

Maury Swanson changed my life. He recognized me as a shy child with an unhappy home life, and a need for encouragement. Through three years of debating and for the rest of his life, he and his wife, Ila, were like second parents to me, keeping in close contact, visiting me all over the country, always encouraging me. The skills I learned from "Chrome dome" made it possible for me to have a successful career in sales, and the nurturing from the Swansons was priceless. Bless them wherever they are. 
Mr. Boone  (Gilbert M. Boone) M.S.
We called him "Daniel" but not sure that was his real name. Taught "Business Education" and I think that was the best - most useful - class I took in High School 
Entered by Classmate Steve Alexander

Dec. 18, 2007 Steve I located Mr. Gilbert M Boone right here in Kansas City.  He said he has no computer but would be glad for a letter or phone call.  Address 2410 W. 71st Terr.  Prairie Village, Kansas 66208  phone  913-384-1025  I told him we were sorry  that we didn't locate him before our reunion as we would have loved to have had him join us at our Sept. reunion.   
Karen Clayton Taylor says Becky Comstock was her favorite teacher.
and I am very sorry that Wanda and I can not be there with you. I have the misfortune of being bedfast, but my memory of those wonderful days is not impaired. I hope that many of your instructors will be present, and I would be grateful if you would give them my regards. Those days seem wonderful to me now, but sometimes a retrospective look at the past makes it seem more ideal than it was. We pulled my old copy of the 1957 Indian out of storage, and I looked long and happily at those young faces, many of whom I remember. I will be thinking of you and recalling with real happiness those days so many years ago when we were young together. I have a final assignment for you- you are required under threat of an 8th hour to send me an email to wallane720@cox.net. Sincerely, Bob Wootton/ Senior English, 1953-68
We were so glad to have Margaret Hogan with us Friday night at our 50th High School Reunion.  She lives right here in Kansas City and so many I have spoken to really enjoyed talking to her.  Thank you so much for coming!
The one who I would love to know about and hear from if still living, is Mr. MCoy, 8th grade Prairie Village teacher.   He was so kind, relaxed and caring of a person. It was enjoyable being in his class. And with him being that kind of person; and yet my esteemed teacher, he instilled in me the desire to enjoy working harder at my studies.
He was my favorite teacher of all my years while living in SM district, which began in 6th grade.

Joanie Phillips Qualls