Only when you drink from the river of silence
shall you indeed sing;

And when you have reached the mountain top,
then you shall begin to climb;

And when the earth shall claim your limbs,
then shall you truly dance.
                                                                             ~Kahlil Gibran

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Margaret Baptist Patricia Beaver Darrell Bilhimer
Diane Black Anthony Blatter Bay Boothe D Aug. 1968 Buried in Pennsylvania Vietnam War Casualty
Alice Boyd
Mike Carter 9-22-2012
Bob Bradley  
Edward Butts 5-26-2012    
Bill Canfield
Phil Cartmell, Jr Hal Clark
Doris Carpenter
Dale Carter
Tom Colaw 4-25,2013
Larry Cordes Tom Crossler Janice Doty
Don Doxsee Bob Dunham Mary Ann Dunn
David Erickson Chuck Elliott Bill Eubank
Robert Fairleigh
Chuck Evers
Judy Foley David Fuller
Rosalie Jean Fulton
Carl Gausnell 12-25-39 to 9-1-1970  Robert Goodman Richard Gorsuch
Nellis D Greer  7-16-2011
Richard Goss
Terry Hart 8-30-12
Marty Horstman James Hearson
Barbara Holm (12-2012)
Judy Helms
Donna L Hinton Amey (2-17-2010)
Burton Huber Lynn Hughes

Sharon Hide Hamil 5-31-2016
Larry Howard

Lawrence Keltner 7-7-12

Barbara Keck Elizabeth Kellog
Alice Marie Kallio Ferrel Kelly Jeanne Konitz
C. Bob Keeley
Bob Kretzmeier

Judy Lee Segraves (3-1-1998)

Linda Lee
Mark Levitt David Liljestrand Jim Maxwell
Ken Morrell William McReynolds Dan Messer
Judy Moore
Eddie Myers Larry Neff Nan Newton
Celilia (Celia) Newcorn BROWN 10-20-2011
Jane Palmer John Peel Jerry Plaut
Douglas Reed Susan Renshaw Ruth Rothganger
Carol Ann Roy (9-18-2009)
Gary Schadler Roberta Schultz Jon Sederquist
Harry Shoemaker Nichols Simonds Mary Ellen Stoker
Tom Stoll Richard Stolp Don Stoner
Jan Stringfellow Denny Sullivan Bill Thompson
Charles Townsend Briggs Twyman Phyllis Ulses
Bruce Welch Dale Wiebke Nip Wolter
Tuck Wolter Ward Summerville 11-7-2015 Wayne Zuck
 William Howard Jamison Sue Allison Mary Hedges (6/16/07)
Roberta Dischman (6/16/07) Bonnie Foster (7/15/07)  Wilbur More
Elwin Thomas 
 Karen E. Clayton 
(March 22-2008)
Nancy Streeter Drury 
(4-27-08) did not graduate with our class but is in 1955 year book
 William (Bill) Harper
attended Freshman Soph Junior years not senior year
Phoebe Ann Mooney

Nora J Bowden Collier

Elmer Jenks 9-19-2007

W. Leon Phillips 1-8-2010

Clarence Baker (died Sept. 22, 2010

Celilia (Celia) Newcorn BROWN
Oct. 20, 2011

Marsha Neeley Franklin
Sharon Shettler Vann
Died 10-28-2013
Chuck Scott Died Oct.

Carma Clingan died 2-2014

Bob Wainwright (D 11-8-

Judith Ann Hesler (D 9-5-2016)
 JoAnne Parker  


Darlene Enlow Helser died 8-29-2009

Lawrence Vern (Larry) Osgood  1-30-2010

Tony La Pides (Hickory Grove )died June 2009

Judith Gayle Swart died 9-11-1985

Virginia (Ginny) Stromsted

Beth Ewert Petersen
 Catherine ANNE Phillips Alvarez
(d March 8, 2004)

Shirley S. Buxton Moore (D6-30-2004)

Barbara Davidson

John Frederic Marshall 9-5-39 to 1-18-2008

Barbara Sue Wilkinson

died march 21, 2011 Granbury,

George Bailes died

Wesley (Jay) Davis D April 2012
Helen Ro Haren Aug 29, 2013

Naomi Jeanne Erickson Burke Dec. 15, 2012

Rose Pullins Rand April 10, 2016

Bob Deane D 2016