1.  grad      Susan Margaret Bartsch Byrd  Houston, Texas 

2    grad     Mariam ANNE Curry Otto  KC., Mo.  grade school Prairie        

3.  Grad       Melvin Leon (Mel) Chastain  last address manhattan, ks. 
                   grade school no   spouse Donna Dee
4.  Grad       Gary Wayne Clark spouse Doris D  last address 617 S. Sherman                                Ave. Olathe, Kansas grade school Merriam      

5.   Grad       Sylvia Jane Corbin Krekovich spouse John grade school overland                              park.         

6    grad    Mary Ann Dunn

7.    grad   Robert DWAIN Dewey spouse Mary K.C., Ks. grade school prairie  
                 have left 3 phone messages   sent email  didn't come back 

8.    Grad   Georgia Laing Holden Knapp   grade school no  

9     Grad    H.  (Hulda) Patricia (Pat) Laughlin Mock Bradenton, Florida

10    Grad    Carroll Sue Jay (Nickname CJ) Boylan l        

11  Grad    Gena Hanson Cline  grade school Corinth 7th 8th

11   Grad   Frankalee Jacks Holman spouse Dave  grade school not in our area
                       birthdate 1-2-1940  Aurora, Colorado  ???  

12   Grad    George Ernest Kroon spouse Amaillys  believe now in Budapest,                     Hungury found him on facebook sent message 3/14/2022 

13   Grad    James D Mabus only senior year H.S.

14   Grad    David Baker Manley  only senior year H.S.

15   Grad    Paula Lee  Maurer Spencer 

16   Grad    James Ivan (Jim) Miller DVM     

17   Grad    Judith Ann (Judy) Newell Bernard  Westwood View & Corinth GS                              
18   Grad    Judith  Mary (Judy) Pierce Fogels  last address Plaisir, France                           Prairie GS 
19   Grad   Sara Lou Parker Myers  Peoria, Az. Hickory & Overland Pk  GS 

20   Grad   Nancy Lou Provorse Gibson 
21   Grad   Judith Ann (Judy) Newell spouse Dan Texas 

22   Grad    Karen Brooke Robb Catonsville, Maryland Roesland GS              
23   Grad    Beverly Joan  Smith  GS no not in our area               

24   Grad    Dorothy Anne (Dot) Smith Bill Roesland GS
25   Grad    Jeanne Louise Snyder VanMeter 

26   Grad    Richard Alan (Dick) Spears spouse Nancy Corinth GS

27   Grad    Judith Lorraine Stinson 

28   Grad     Margrit Gisele Striesse   believe came from Germany   

29   Grad     Michael Ray Summers  Auburn, Ca. Hickory Grove GS 

22    grad      Richard (Dick) Young  last address switzerland  

23     grad     Frank E Zitzlaff spouse Gundula last address Heidelberg,                                     Germany
 24    grad      Johnny callender                

1.   Mariam ANNE Curry Otto K.C., Mo. grade school Prairie  (was told not to 
      not to contact so haven't tried for the 65th reunion 

2    Gena Hanson Cline grade school Corinth 7th 8th grades  sent email it did 
      not come back  so have left on formal invitation email list birthdate 
      March 2, 39   think probably alive california 

3.   Fred Robison Heryer Jr. spouse Anne  phoned left message sent email
      did not come back  birthdate 6-15-39 grade school Westwood  went to 
      Pembroke Country Day School  probably in Carmel Valley, California left 
      email on Formal 65th invitation list

4    John Roy Heslip spouse Juanita  left phone messages sent email did not
      come back  grade school no  birthdate 5-15-39  probably in Silver City,
      New Mexico

5    Rev  Marilyn Hope Hetzer Petz spouse Kent left phone messages sent
      email but did not go thru so took out of formal invitation list probably 
      in San Jose, California   

6    H. (Hulda) Patricia/Pat  Laughlin Mock  believe Bradenton, Florida
      birthdate 3-19-39    grade school Overland Park  sent email/left phone 
      Message no response   did put her email on formal invitation list   

7    Paula Gail Lehmann Rood spouse George A birthdate 2-20-39 gradeschool
      Roesland and one semester 6th grade Overland Park   believe lives in 
      Omaha, Nebraska   email left on formal invitation list