We plan on creating our 55th Reunion Memory Book on line.  Please send your entry in an email with a picture attached to jsherard@kc.surewest.net or send by mail to Peggy Willis Sherard  5630 Woodward Street, Merriam, Kansas 66202  and I will put it in for you.  You won't be able to enter yourself.  Please tell me if you want your email, phone etc. showing and if you need the photo returned.  Thanks!!

Lou Asner wife Vicki and Family
Lou Asner wife Vicki and Family

Thursday, November 26, 2011

55th Reunion- No way. 

 The picture I have enclosed is of my two daughters, their husbands and our 3 grandchildren and, of course, my wife and I.  I’m writing this on my 73rd birthday.  I am still a freelance cartoonist – not much money (even the IRS calls it a hobby) but it is something that I really enjoy especially when my grandchildren join me at the drawing board.   

My wife, Vicki, is still teaching at Johnson County Community College even after retiring from teaching 32 years at a middle school.  We both plan to attend and who knows that maybe our children and grandchildren may drop by.  As the picture shows, we are very proud of our family.   We are both still volunteering at Union Station at the information booth.  If you are there on a Sunday afternoon, stop by and say hello.   

In closing, I remember the old Hickory Grove gym and looking at the stone walls and seeing embedded there the old fossils.  And now I am one. 

Thank you, Peggy, and all of you who are working on the Class of ’57 Reunion.   

Lou Asner

Bill Harsh in Paris
Bill Harsh in Paris

Not much has changed for the Wiliam Harshes in Fort Collins. We are  just older -  probably not much wiser!  We continue to love Colorado and enjoy so much of what it has to offer.
I am still working, but not very hard. I enjoy what I do and especially enjoy going to New York and Atlanta to trade shows -  its like a reunion for me.  I do love it.
We had a marvelous trip to Paris in September - everything was just perfect. We can't wait to go back.
I am still doing car stuff, have audi's now. got rid of the porches. active in audi clubs, drives and car shows.
Sure looking forward to seeing everyone again!!

William (Bill) Harsh

Bruce Holman Photographing in Carcassone, France
Bruce Holman Photographing in Carcassone, France
Holman, Bruce

A few updates:
Still teaching Drawing, Painting and Photography at Cottey College.
I was in Paris last year conducting Cottey students on tours of the Louvre and d'Orsay museums.  The year before we were in London, where we toured the British National Gallery, and traveled under the Thames to Greenwich on a photo expedition. 
In France I took my wife to the medieval city of Carcassonne.  The weather was perfect for exploring ancient castles--it rained the whole time. 
Also went to Brussels , where I delivered to the Comic Strip Museum of Belgium, a compilation of the cartoon artwork I did for The Mother Earth News magazine. 
During the school year we divide our time between our home in town, and our other house that overlooks the quiet end of Lake of the Ozarks, where both my wife and I have our writing and painting studios. 
Best wishes from,
Bruce Holman

Tom and Kay Holtzmann
Tom and Kay Holtzmann


Kay and I celebrated our 53rd Wedding Anniversary this past June and continue to enjoy good health and happiness.  Our 3 children, (1 daughter and 2-sons), have blessed us with 12 grandchildren, 6 boys and 6 girls, ages 18-3.  We feel extremely blessed that ALL 3 children and their spouses, plus ALL of our grandchildren live within 10 miles of us here in San Antonio, TX and we enjoy them immensely.  They keep us very busy with baby-sitting opportunities; ball games of all kinds, (football, baseball, soccer, basketball), horseback riding lessons and shows; golf tournaments in San Antonio as well as in Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, Austin, etc.,; debate tournaments in San Antonio,  DFW, Austin, Houston as well, also violin/guitar recitals and programs in and around the SA metroplex – in all, wow, bring on the  "Geritol”, I wish!

I continue to work as a consultant out of our home representing a couple of companies in the freight transportation area, and travel in and out of state frequently.  When possible, Kay joins me and we get to spend that time together as well – she is a great companion and travel partner.  Kay also stays busy with our children/grand-children and is active with church and is a volunteer at both a nursing home for the past 15 years as well as an assisted living facility for the past 7 years.

Since leaving Shawnee Mission, and attending KU, we got married, I began working for the Missouri Pacific railroad in Kansas City in various management positions, and between 1961 and 1980, we lived in Liberty, MO; Hutchinson, Wichita, KS; Springfield, MO; St Louis, San Francisco, Chicago then back to headquarters of the Missouri Pacific in St. Louis once again, before, moving to San Antonio in 1980 to open up a new transportation services company which lasted for almost 20 years before it went public in 1999.  We have lived here ever since.

The Class of ’57 was a very special class, and as the article in the Kansas City magazine which is attached as part of our SM website, so ably portrayed, 1957 was a VERY SPECIAL YEAR, the likes of which we will never see again.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the 55th on September 21-22, 2012. 

Tom & Kay Holzmann – San Antonio, TX     E-mail: tkholzmann@sbcglobal.net

deAnn Johnston Moore and Sam Moore
deAnn Johnston Moore and Sam Moore
 JOHNSTON, deAnn     

      We still live in Mission Hills and our two sons live in Prairie Village, Ks. and Mission, Ks. 
     We celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary last April and have enjoyed extensive travels all over the world.
     K-State continues to be a big part of our lives and we are currectly serving on the Board of Trustees for the KSU Foundation.  We are both retired from Residential Real Estate sales.
     Thank you to those who were on the committee for the wonderful, wonderful reunion!

deAnn Johnston Moore  and spouse Sam Moore
email:  sammoore@reeceandnichols.com

Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson
My lovely wife, Janet, and I have four great children; three lovely daughters and a handsome son. 
We also have 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
       USNavy 61-65 --  Aviation Flight Recruiter
       1966-70  Sherwin Williams (automotive div.)
       1970-79  Owned an Automotive Paint & Equip. Co. Denver, CO
       1972-79  Regional NASCAR late-model stockcar racing
       1978-83  Camero & Firebird resto.
       1984-92  Auto body equipment sales
       1993-2004  Local school district custodial/maint.
       2005  Retired  (eyesight)
Current hobbies:  Bluegrass music, listening to books on tape, and building a cabin on the prairie west of Sterling, CO..


PAGE, Kay (Thomas)

I live in Loveland, Colorado and still thrill at the beauty of my state, even though there is a large forest fire burning just north of me as I write this.   We have lived in Colorado since 1975.  Elwin (also class of ‘57) and I were married 49 years before his death 4 years ago.   We lived in Littleton (a suburb of Denver) for 25 years and moved to Loveland in 1999 – a beautiful city with lots of lakes, Art and Sculpture. 

I keep busy volunteering at McKee Hospital in Loveland, serving on the Volunteer Board and on the Foundation Board and am also active in Friendship Force, currently serving on their board also.   I love to travel and have been lucky to go to 49 of our states, Australia, Mexico, Canada, most of the Caribbean, New Zealand and before this year is out I will add Japan and Costa Rica.   I also have been a supporter and volunteer coordinator for the Sculpture Invitational in Loveland – one of two Sculpture Shows in Loveland that bring in more than 500 artists for a weekend of Sculpture and Art. 

The kids are grown, married, healthy and happy and my only grandchild graduated from college last year.  She is my biggest delight!  We laugh that we can have a family reunion in a car or around one table - we total 6 – Oh…plus 2 grand-puppies!     

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion!  Thanks to the committee for your work in putting this together.

Kay Thomas – KthomasLvlnd@aol.com

Sara Parker Myers
Sara Parker Myers
PARKER, Sara (Myers)

I am still living in Peoria, AZ (northwest suburb of Phoenix) and enjoying the beauty of the desert and comforts of life in an attractive age-restricted community.  My activities with my church keep me quite busy, as I serve on the Administrative Council and several other boards including Church & Society, Children & Poverty, etc.  I work two days a week as Concierge at Palos Verdes Senior Living, an apartment complex with average resident age of 85-87.  (Where else could I be the youngest, not the oldest!)  My six grandchildren are almost grown up, I continue to enjoy good health, and am grateful for a good life.

Bill Paronto
Bill Paronto

Born in Hays Kansas. Raised all over the state. Summers with grandparents. Most time in school was in Wichita, Kansas. Transferred to Shawnee Mission with father's job. Did summer theater. Joined the military. 3 bases in U.S. One in Japan. Discharged from the Air Force. Worked in TV. Managed a radio station. managed a newspaper, Advertising Director. Back to college, graduated with B.S in Communications. Commisioned as an Army Officer. Assignments In Panama, Viet Nam, Germany, Korea. Toured Europe and the far east. Discharged from the Army. Joined the Army Reserves and started a Civil Service career. Public Affairs Officer, Communications Security Officer, Company Commander, Batalion Executive Officer. Civil Affairs Officer. Attended Command and General Staff College, with Masters in the Art of War. Back to college to achieve a Masters in Mass Communications. Did inspections tours and Temorary Duty Tours to many posts in the U.S, Korea and Germany. Retired from Army, retired from Civil Service, pension from Newspaper, own property in Kansas and California. Living a nice quiet life now.

Joanie Phillips and Bill Qualls
Joanie Phillips and Bill Qualls
PHILLIPS, Joan (Joanie) QUALLS  (Bill)

       I have been married to Bill Qualls for 54 years this March 22, 2012.  We have remained most of our years in and around the Greater KC area and for almost 41 years we have lived outside of Wellsville, Ks. (not far South of Olathe).  It has been for the purpose of having acreage for our airplane hobby (a major interest) and previously, for cattle and horses.  In Bill's retirement, we still keep busy enjoying our family, faith and travel. My love of singing has been fulfilled over the years, as a singer, speaker and teacher at churches and Christian ladies gatherings about Jesus Christ, my Savior & Lord & God's Word, the Bible.

CHILDREN:  Brent & Karen (and their families)
GRANDCHILDREN:  6 total  (of which oldest Grandsons are twins)

Looking forward to Sept. reunion!

Much Love Joanie and Bill Qualls

4630 Reno Road
Wellsville, Kansas 66092
913-710-5371 (cell phone only)

David K Pierce
David K Pierce
Pierce, David

Departed Mission for Baker University in Baldwin and then to Boulder, Colorado at the University where I met Melodie Rappe.  We married in Boulder July 5, 1964 and divorced in June 1969.  I remarried in Honolulu in 1971 and divorced in Richmond, Virginia in 1981.

I joined the Singer Company in Denver as a store manager, grew through the ranks from Colorado to Texas to Los Angeles to San Diego to Honolulu to Atlanta to New Jersey to Richmond, Virginia.  Appointed to Director of Sales Promotion and Training for the U.S. and Canada.  Got into the automobile business in January 1982 with BMW, Audi and Porsche, in Texas and California.

Met Marilyn Grosser at our local golf club in January 1997.  Marilyn's late husband was a physician that died in 1995 at our club one Saturday morning playing tennis.  Her three children are all doctors.  I have no children, however her three are very special in every way.  I retired in February of 2008 and enjoy travel, golf and collectable of rare old Porsches.  Marilyn and I live three blocks apart and have the very best of both worlds.  Marilyn founded her own company in 1985 marketing 15 premium brands, selling the company in 2005.  She has become a better golfer than I, and her tennis game is even better. 

We look forward to the gathering, as we hated to miss five years ago. 
dkpierce1@verizon.net  Westlake Village, California

Corrine (Rolfs) Moulton
Corrine (Rolfs) Moulton
  Rolfs, Corrine (Moulton)

  I spent my working years at two companies in the Kansas City area - one for 24 years and one for 10 years as a commercial artist and art director.
     I retired in 1994.  My husband & I spent our time doing home improvements, hobbies and traveling.  I am still living in our home in Grandview, Missouri.
     Now. I'm a widow (for almost 5 years) so I do my traveling with my sister. Cruising is our favorite and Alaska is our favorite destination.  All of our trips have been in the U.S. or Canada -  however next year we are venturing "across the pond to Ireland". 
     I'd love to hear from some of the folks from the class of '57 by email, snail mail, or by phone.

  I look forward to a 55th reunion.  Hope we all can make it happen!

Corrine (Rolfs) Moulton
6605 East 134th Terrace
Grandview, Missouri 64030
email:  cmmoulton@earthlink.net
home phone  816-761-0794
cell phone 816-519-6400


      I am still living my dream of retirement in the Florida Keys.  After three careers, first in the Food Service Industry. then in Wholesale Food Disstribution and finally as an Investment Broker I retired in 2001 and fulfilled a promise to my wife to retire where we first met in South Florida.
     Since graduation from Shawnee-Mission I have lived in twelve cities and between careers spent two years traveling North America by RV.
     Today, I divide my time between offshore fishing, serving as an arbitrator for FINRA and being the Operations Staff Officer for Sector Key West US Coast Guard Auxiliary.
     I look forward to keeping my record intact of attending all of the Class of 57 reunions.

Conrad Sankpill

Ron and Esther Sundelin overlooking the Danube at Durnstein, Austria.
Ron and Esther Sundelin overlooking the Danube at Durnstein, Austria.
Sundelin, Ronald M

     I transferred to Shawnee-Mission at the beginning of my Junior year.
     After graduation, I got a B.S. in Physics at MIT, where I also rowed on the heavyweight crew, developed what may have been the first electrical combination lock, and measured the force an electron beam experts on a target (this was done at 3 A.M. when the Boston MTA wasn't shaking the building).
     After graduation, I got my MS and PhD in physics at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT, now Carnegie-Melton).  My thesis was performed at CIT's synchroncyclotron, and measured the asymmetry in the distribution of neutrons emitted following the capture by nuclei of polarized negative muons.
     Shortly after graduation from CIT, I married Esther Mae Frew, a nursing supervisor at a local hospital.  We have two children, Beth Williams, a teacher, an EdD candidate at the University of Virginia, the wife of Jon Williams, and the mother of our grandsons, Eric and  Grant; and John, a systems engineer who works on rockets and satellites, races rally cars, and raises grapefruit and oranges in Arizona.
     After two years as a post-doc at CIT, I changed fields from elementary particle physics to accelerator physics, working at Cornell University's 10 GeV electron synchrotron, and later CESR, a 6 GeV electron-positron collider.  Contributions included figuring out why the just-built synchrotron didn't work, developing a normal-conducting accelerating system for CESR (which used 2 megawatts of RF power), developing a superconducting cavity which was the first to accelerate a beam to more than 1 GeV, another superconducting cavity which was the first to maintain a beam in a storage ring, and another superconducting cavity which became the foundation for CEBAF, a 6 GeV recirculating linear accelerator at the Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (commonly known as Jefferson Lab) in Newport News, Va.
     After 18 years at Cornell, I and several of my colleagues migrated to Newport News, Va. to participate in construction of the new accelerator there, using the cavity design we had developed at Cornell under National Science Foundation sponsorship.  I held a dual appointment as Associate Director of the laboratory, and Govenor's Distinguished CEBAF Professor at Virginia Tech, until my retirement after 15 years.
     Hobbies include inventing, designing, and building things (3 U.S. and 5 foreign patents), traveling (50 states and 22 other countries), canoeing, powerboating (our yard borders a tidal creek which leads to the York River and the Chesapeake Bay), investing (I wrote a 40,000 line computer program that has  beaten the S&P500 index by a mean multiplier of 1.046 per year since I started using it 6.1 years ago), writing computer programs to explore various topics, and, most importantly, spending time with friends and family.

Talbot, Suzie (Baker)   (spouse Clarence of our class died Sept. 22, 2010)

I still own   All Points Inc in Kansas City, Missouri.  Have 2 fantastic Granddaughters.  I live in Leawood, Kansas  in the Summer and Ft. Myers in the Winter.  I love to travel and see the world. I will look forward to coming to reunion as didn't get to attend at the 50th.  (picture and new text coming soon)

Olivia and Dave Trump at home in Redondo Beach, California
Olivia and Dave Trump at home in Redondo Beach, California
Trump, Dave

Some of the fondest memories of my days at SMHS are about Music. The Band, Orchestra and Choir gave me great joy.  I appreciate the mentoring and leadership of Harold George( instrumental) and Jess Rose (Choral).  Their dedication to students and insistence on excellent performance were their first concerns. The people I met by participating in music activities were some of my best friends.  I look forward to seeing many of those friends at the 55th Reunion and I will miss all of those that have passed away.  I only wish I could see them all again and thank them for being part of my SMHS years.
Dave and Olivia Trump
Redondo Beach, California

Ron and Doris at the Homestead in Warm Springs, Virginia
Ron and Doris at the Homestead in Warm Springs, Virginia

                                          WYANCKO, RON and Doris A. PYE
email  dapye@comcast.net 

Hello from Ron Wyancko in Harrisonburg VA.

I am excited about attending the 55th reunion. I missed the 50th because my wife and I were on a bus tour in Italy.  

As some of you know I moved to Virginia in 1972 to teach Metal and Jewelry in the Art Department at James Madison University in Harrisonburg. I retired from there in 2001. Since my retirement I have found many ways to keep busy.  Golf, bridge and yard work take most of my time but Doris and I do make sure we plan at least two nice trips a year.  Presently scheduled is an August  trip to Portland OR to visit our daughter Lara and her husband Eric. They have two boys, Lincoln age 3 and Felix age 1, so that will be a busy, active, exciting time. We also have a 14 day Caribbean cruise scheduled in January, which will be a more calm and relaxing winter break.  

In addition to our daughter Lara in Portland (who is an occupation therapist) we have three other children.  Theron, who works for AT&T and lives in Richmond VA with his wife Heather and son Dylan age 14, Melinda a school psychologist who lives in Annandale VA with her husband Willie and has two girls Madison age 20 and Daily age 14, and David, who lives in Abingdon VA with his wife Tilda and works as a building inspector for Washington County.  

My wife Doris has her own business and is able to work for a while and then take off time to travel. I have a studio in our home and still am producing pieces for exhibition and sale. See below one of my most recent exhibition submissions, an aluminum and titanium wall piece which was a new art form for me.(only one photo can be displayed in the memory book so please go to the art page to view Ron's recent art)

Bob White & Judy Gablehouse
Bob White & Judy Gablehouse
"Bob White & Judy Gablehouse plan on returning to Overland Park in September for Bob's class of 57, 55th re-union."
We are planning on staying at the Inter-Continental Hotel in the Plaza area, come join us, let's have a "pre-reunion PARTAY".
Bob's e-mail:
  925-580-9016/text or voice
Fuel Injection Corp
2407 Research Drive
Livermore, CA 94550


Peggy and Daughter Jeanne enjoying New Orleans
Peggy and Daughter Jeanne enjoying New Orleans
Willis, Peggy (Sherard) 
   Spouse John T Class of 55

  I can't believe  it's time for the planning of our 55th reunion!  
     My husband John (class of 55) and I will have been married 54 years by Sept. 2012. We still have our RV and love bluegrass music.  We just returned from a festival in Freemont, Nebraska and I am still humming that beautiful music.  During the last 5 years I went on a trip with our daughter Jeanne to New Orleans, Natchez, etc. and was even brave enough to try alligator at Mulates Cajun Restaurant. .
     I feel so very lucky to be able to help with our reunion and look forward to talking to you by email and phone.  Please take a look at our lost list and let us know  if you can help.     
     Hope to see you in 2012,
Peggy Willis (Sherard)   Spouse John T   class of 55
email jsherard@kc.surewest.net
or use the Contact Us page on class web site   www.smclassof57.org
Frank Zitlaff
Frank Zitlaff

ZITLAFF, Frank (spouse Gundula)

After University Graduation in Architecture, I went to Germany, where I studied and graduated in City Planning.  With my wife Gundula, also an architect, we settled 1970 in Heidelberg, where we still live.

I worked for the city of Mannheim as a city planner and my wife first worked as an architect and later led the Architectural Heritage Department for the City of Heidelberg.

We are both retired now for some years already and are enjoying life with travelling and living in a beautiful town.

Mary Thompson Riney
Mary Thompson Riney