If you are on this list, or if you know the whereabouts of a missing classmate, please leave a message on the
Us" page.

This list is getting shorter as time goes by.  We have a couple of very dedicated people who are helping to find our lost classmates! They could use your help! If you are willing to help in this research, please let us know! It would be especially helpful if you have digital phone service as the research does take a lot of long-distance calling.
Sue Allison DECEASED Janice Anderson Johanna Arendt FOUND
Judy Barnett Judy Benedix FOUND Marilyn Bridges
Carol Bruer Nancy Buchanan FOUND Johnny William Callender
Bill Canfield DECEASED Paula Carroll  Darrell Cooper FOUND
Sharon Collins Charlene Cook  Mary Odowski Wren
Tom Crossler DECEASED Bob Dunham DECEASED Carolyn Elliott FOUND
Geraldine Ellis Found Darlene Enlow FOUND Chuck Evers FOUND 
Patricia Everson Beth Ewert FOUND Nancy Flint
Michael Fortineau Bonnie Foster DECEASED Dan Fox  Found
Beverly Fulgreat Jeanne Ganow deceased Kathryn Gower FOUND
Dolores Graves Marilyn Graves FOUND Gena Hanson Found
Joyce Hathaway Judy Henry  FOUND Georgia Holden  found
 Nellis Greer died 7-16-2011 Coralyn Hook FOUND Judy Hooper FOUND
Lucy Hope Joyce Horton FOUND Harry House FOUND
Brenda Hutchings FOUND Mary Hutchings FOUND Robert Jacobs FOUND
Howard Jamison DECEASED Danice Jones Robert Jones
Nancy Kelly Patricia Kelley FOUND Nancy Kinser FOUND
Thomas Kirby FOUND Mimi Jo Klein Patty Laughlin FOUND
Judith Laws FOUND Christina Lindahl Don Logan FOUND
William Low FOUND Judith MacKinzie Sandra Maddox
David Manley FOUND Matti Markkanen George May  FOUND
Thomas McCarthy Linda Meeker FOUND Margaret Mehlstaub FOUND
Dan Messer DECEASED Lauren Mitchener FOUND  
Barbara Moody deceased Brooks Moore FOUND Robert Moore FOUND 
Ken Morrell DECEASED Martha Nelson Susan Nelson FOUND
Cecilia Newcorn DECEASED Shirley Obert FOUND Shirley Oram FOUND
Charles Palmer FOUND Deborah Palmer FOUND Jeffrey Patterson FOUND
Martha Peacher  Found Edward Perry  
Leon  Phillips FOUND David Pierce FOUND Judith Pierce FOUND
Roger Plumley FOUND Nancy Provorse FOUND Charles Ray
Jane Reading Heidi Remde Pete Robertson FOUND
Phyllis Robinson FOUND   Virginia Seavey
Joann Sedlack FOUND Judy Shanks Sharon Shettler FOUND
Phyllis Smith decceased Gary Smith FOUND Marian Soergel FOUND
Sharon Stanbury  FOUND Judy Stinson Richard Stolp DECEASED
Sharon Stover Margrit Striesse Judith Swart  Deceased
Denny Sullivan DECEASED Sandra Tauberg FOUND Mary Ann Tremayne FOUND
Douglas Vincent FOUND Terry Wignall FOUND Roberta Williams
Judith Wilson Nancy Worcester FOUND William Morgan
Jan Alicia Proud FOUND
Sylvia Moyer Lunde
 Joseph (Joe) Patrick
Patricia Ake
Ardell (ardee) Darrow Ayers
 Fred Barr D 3-19-2004
Shirley Arvina Haworth
Richard (Dick) Young

Cynthia Gaye Stucker
Geraldyne (Gerri)Bartolotta LYNN (Found 5-2012)
Jerry Owen
Ward S Summerville (FOUND)
Nancy Provorce Gibson
Bob Smith
Russell Glen Smith
Dorothy Smith Bill
Wesley (Jay) Davis D April 2012
51 missing as of 5-2009